Water quality assesment of groundwater samples from sa'adatu rimi college of education, kumbotso, kano metropolis

M.S. Nahannu, H. I. Mukhtar, I. M. Isma'il, S. A. A. Shawai


Abstract:Human activities are a major factor determining the quality of surface and groundwater through atmospheric pollution, effluent discharges, use of agricultural chemicals, eroded soil and land use.The purpose of this research was to determine the physicochemical parameters of water samples collected from Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, Kumbotso, Kano and to compare with the standards given by World Health Organization (WHO) and Nigeria Standard for Drinking Water Quality (NSDWQ). Four samples were collected from different locations within the college premises for the analysis. The parameters analyzed are pH, temperature, Total dissolved solids, Total suspended solids, Suspended solid, Electrical conductivity, Alkalinity, Mg2+,Ca2+, ammonia, sulphate,Nitrate,Nitrite,Turbidity, Salinity, Total hardness, free carbon dioxide, Iron and Chloride. The results indicated that all the parameters analyzed are within the permissible limits recommended byWHO and NSDWQwith exception of turbidity level at A sampling station, pH concentration at B, C, and D sampling point   and nitriteconcentrations at C and D sampling point. The results also showed that, the concentration of total hardness were slightly above the maximum permissible limit (MPL) recommended by NSDWQ. This paper also recommended that, the college management should provide a basis for regular monitoring of water quality status.

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