Recovery of proteins from EDAM whey using membrane ultrafiltration

F. Yelles- Allam, A. Nouani


Abstract : In Algeria, whey is discharged without any treatment and this causes not only pollution problem, but also a loss in nutritive components of milk. In this paper, characterization of EDAM whey is done, which is resulted from pasteurised mixture of cow’s milk and skim milk. The recovery of whey protein by ultrafiltration/diafiltration, was studied. The physical-chemical analysis of whey has emphasized on its pollutant and nutritive characteristics. In fact, its BDO5 and CDO are 49.33, and 127.71 g of O2/l of whey respectively. It contains: fat (1,90±0,1  gr/l), lactose (47.32±0,57 gr/l), proteins (5,82±0,4gr/l) and ashes 4.53±0.15gr/l, calcium (0,518gr/l), Na (1.104gr/l), K (1.014 gr/l), Mg (0.118 gr/l) and P (0.482 gr/l). Tangential ultrafiltration of whey after treatment was carried out in a polyetersulfone membrane with a cut-off of 10K. Its hydraulic intrinsic resistance (Rm) and permeability (Lp) are respectively: 2.041.1012 m-1 and 176, 32 l/h.m2bar. The dry matter obtained at FC6 is of 70.25 g/l, containing 16.33g/l of proteins. The retention rate of protein is 98.18 % and the decrease in BDO5 and CDO are at 18.875 and 42.818 g of O2/liter of permeate respectively. Diafiltration performed on concentred retentat allowed the complete removal of lactose and minerals. The ultrafiltration of the whey before the disposal is an alternative for Algéria dairy industry.

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