Elimination of cobalt (II) by adsorption on mesoporous materials and carbons of types SBA-15, CMI-1.

S. Boumessaidia, B. Cheknane, N. Bouchenafa-Saib, K. Bachari, F. Mekhales- Benhafsa, O. Mohammedi


Abstract: This work aims to study the adsorption of a trace element (in our case we selected Cobalt (II)), on silicas and mesoporous coals of CMK-3 and CMK-3C type. These were made based on the synthesis of SBA-15 and CMI-1 as molds. Characterization of these materials was performed by X-ray diffraction, SEM and nitrogen adsorption-desorption (BET). The adsorptional properties of these materials were evaluated by studying the kinetics and adsorption isotherms of cobalt (II) metal ions. The Cobalt (II) adsorption experiments on the four matrices showed globally that the adsorption efficiencies of cobalt can be classified according to the order: CMK-3 > CMK-3C > CMI-1 > SBA-15, with efficiencies of 94.54%, 88.41% 76.09%, 74.07% respectively.Results of the cobalt adsorption kinetics modeling by the four materials in aqueous medium under optimal operating conditions is pseudo first order with adjustment coefficients (R2> 0.98). The adsorption isotherms clearly show that the Freundlich model is the most suitable for the different adsorption isotherms with adjustment coefficients (R2> 0.97).

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