Simulation study on sulfur removal from algerian natural gas using adsorption on high density polyethylene membrane

A.I. Hammou, C. Harrats, M. Djennad


Abstract: A simulation study was carried out on the use of tubular membrane for the capture of H2S from Algerian liquefied natural gas. A bed composed of dense microporous membranar particles of high density polyethylene was considered. Almeesoft simulator integrating Hysis membrane calculation was employed. A clogging time of 53 minutes, adsorption capacity of 2924 mg/g and a transmembranar pressure of 0.37 bars were calculated. Furthermore, the selectivity, the maximal gas pressure, the maximal natural gas concentration and the adsorption models were considered. Particular focus was put on the permeability between the membrane skin and the natural gas.

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