Removal of methylene blue in aqueous solution by oxidation with hydrogen peroxide in presence of copper-impregnated activated alumina

Dj. Bousalah, A. R. Yeddou, M. Hachemi, B. Nadjemi


Abstract:In this work, methylene blue in aqueous solution is removed by oxidation with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of copper impregnated activated alumina. After preparation and characterization of the catalyst, the catalytic oxidation tests are performed. The effects of pH, H2O2 concentration, catalyst dose, and temperature have been investigated. The tests show that adding activated alumina increases significatively the degradation effeciency of methylene blue. The reuse of catalyst for four cycls shows a good catalytic stability. The elevation of the temperature affects positively the kinetics of degradation. The acidified medium increases the decolorization efficiency of dye.

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