The effectiveness of Henna as corrosion inhibitor for lead of battery in the sulphuric acid medium

M. Bouabdallah, M. Bounoughaz


Abstract: The study carried out is based on the improvement of lead-acid battery behaviour, protecting lead from attacks of 5M sulphuric acids. The conservation of its properties is guaranteed thanks to the Henna green inhibitor. Our hypothesis is reinforced by electrochemical results: resistance to the acidity of sulphuric acids and significant inhibition by adsorbing to the lead surface according to the Langmuir isotherm. One of the big enemy factors of lead-acid batteries is temperature, when it increases, it damages its capacity; but our surfactant at a temperature of 339 K produced a 118 Ohm.cm2 corrosion resistance with enthalpy ΔHinh = 4.20 KJ.mol-1 using only 0.08 ml in 25ml (H2SO45M). Thus, we can see the effectiveness of the henna extract; the protective power increases with the increase of the temperature.

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