Organic-inorganic hybrid zeolite silica materials by grafting of trimethylchlorosilane TMCS: part I: preparation and characterization

O. Bouchher, K. Benrachedi, M. Makhlouf, S.M. Messabih, K. Louhab


Abstract: The functionalization of our 13X zeolite was carried out by the post-synthesis method using an organosilane of the Trimethylchlorosilane type (TMCS) to obtain a more hydrophobic organic-inorganic hybrid zeolite. Our zeolite before and after grafting was characterized by different analysis techniques (XRD, FTIR, BET, and SEM). The XRD results of the grafted 13X zeolite, show that the functionalization does not destroy the crystal structure of the material. FT-IR analysis of the 13X zeolite before and after grafting confirms the grafting of our organosilane on the surface by the disappearance of the absorption band of the silanol groups at 980 cm-1 and the appearance of a band of absorption attributed to the vibrations of the trimethylsilyl Si (CH3) group at 2970 cm-1. The specific surface area of our grafted 13X has been reduced by 63.22 m2 / g thanks to the organic group which has been grafted on the external surface. According to SEM results, the morphology of the surface of our material was slightly modified after grafting. The results of various analyses demonstrated that the grafted 13X zeolite is successfully obtained using the post-synthesis method.

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