Effect of barley straw treatments on desiccation shrinkage and thermal properties of lightweight sand concrete

M.S. Ammari, M. Bederina, B. Belhadj, M. Quéneudec


Abstract: This experimental work focuses on studying the effect of different barley straw treatments on the dimensional variation due to desiccation shrinkage, as well as the thermal properties of lightweight sand concrete. For this purpose, four methods of barley straw treatments have been used, such as waste oil, hot water, varnish and gasoil. In previous work, the optimal composition with untreated barley straw with the content of 15 kg / m3 has shown that the addition of straws alleviates the sand concrete and gives it acceptable thermal properties. Nevertheless, it has shown a remarkable increase in shrinkage. The objective of this study is to further improve the studied properties and therefore to target the best treatment. The results obtained showed an interesting reduction in the shrinkage in the case of hot water treatment, gasoil and varnish. Improvements in shrinkage have been achieved including a reduction of up to 21%. On the other hand, the treatment with the waste oil gave an increase of the shrinkage, compared to the concrete of sand based on untreated barley straw. It should be noted that even the thermal conductivity has been reduced where the reduction was about 40%. In fact, the straw treatments led to the increase of the Young's modulus and the tensile strength of the barley straw. Moreover, the study of X-ray diffraction (XRD) showed a slight difference between the concretes studied. Finally, a microscope visualization showed a good adhesion between the straw and the cement matrix.

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