Study of the adsorption of methylene blue by natural materials (olive stone, date pit and their mixture) in fixed bed column

F. Abed, H. Aksas, N. Abai, N. Babakhouya


Abstract:The present study focuses on the recovery of two agro-food waste available in our country with significant quantities olive pomace and date pits for the removal of a synthetic dye which is methylene blue. Both materials were used in their native forms separated and mixed to improve their adsorptive capacity. A range of physico-chemical analysis was performed to characterize adsorbents used, among them: the FTIR spectroscopy and the scanning electron microscopy. The ability of adsorbents prepared to adsorbe methylene blue (MB) from the aqueous solution was investigated in a fixed bed column. The effects of several important parameters were studied, such as initial concentration of MB, flow rate and bed height. The corresponding breakthrough curves were calculated.

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