An Agrofood waste physicochemical characterization for its valorization

Y.F. Didouche, H. Aksas


Abstract: This study was focused on biorefinery byproducts mainly, based on distilled fatty acids from sunflower oil and coconut oil; for their valorization. They were characterized oleochemically, for sunflower oil, the Iodine Index: 120 g I2 / 100g fat noted the unsaturation of its fatty acids and the Refractive Index (RI) n 20: 1417 revealed its siccativity. As for the coconut oil, the saponification index: 250 mg KOH / g fat was on the rise, insured its ability to promote saponification and the IR n20: 1. 448 attested its un-siccativity; polyunsaturated fatty acids of these both oils were revealed via gas chromatography. These tests results were promoted for the development of a liquid soap, that was characterized physicochemically via the residual base: 0.02%, total fat content: 25.52%, residual glycerol content: 14.68%, pH: 07.90, lyophilic hydrophilic balance: 20. 02, surface tension: 34.10 dynes / cm, concentration micelle critic: 05. 103 mol /l and spectral methods such FTIR, XRD and SEM corroborated these analyses; which were confirmed the presence of carboxylic fatty acid salts. This work was conclusive, resulted in a liquid soap loaded with 14.68% of vegetable glycerin with moisturizing, emollient and softening properties, in conformity with hygiene standards.

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