Performance of Moringa oleifera seed extract in the coagulation-flocculation process for the treatment of domestic wastewater

A. Belbali, A. Benghalem, K. Gouttal, S. Taleb


Abstract: Moringa oleifera (MO) is a multipurpose tree with considerable potential and its cultivation is currently being actively promoted in Algeria. The coagulant capacity of MO seed extract  for the wastewaters of Sidi Bel Abbes, was assessed by sedimentation time, removal of turbidity and effect of acidity. The local seeds of MO from the city of Ghardaïa (Algeria) were prepared using different equipment, including a grinder, a mortar, blender, and a mixer. The coagulation process has been studied in terms of pH, dose of coagulant, and sedimentation time. The absorbance profiles and the FTIR spectra reveal the presence of amino acids, in MO seed extract, the arginine and histidine are the main constitute, their intense bands are very characteristics. These proteins are the active agents responsible of the coagulation. Furthermore, the results showed that extraction with NaCl is more efficient than extraction with water, since the elimination of turbidity has reached a very high rate of 99%, during a short sedimentation time of 1h. This is due to the salting-in mechanism of NaCl extract. The MO seed extract is proved to be an excellent coagulant for the wastewaters treatment.

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