Synthesis activated carbon from tires and its application for the elimination of phenol

Z. Chennouf-Abdellatif, N. Bouchenafa-Saib, F. Zermane, O. Cheknane


Abstract: This work is part of the recovery of a synthetic waste (tire) by preparing a highly carbonated activated carbon. The effectiveness of this activated carbon was been examined in the adsorption of phenol in the aqueous phase at room temperature with constant stirring. A comparative study was been made on a commercial activated carbon (CAC).

The prepared activated carbon (CAP) has undergone a modification by chemical activation for the following conditions (ratio of activating agent 2 ml / g of activated carbon, activation temperature of 550 ° C., activation time of 1 hour and diameter 300 µm particles). The material was characterized by measuring the point of zero charge (pHpzc), specific surface, DRX, SEM and some parameters which govern the kinetics of adsorption (humidity rate, ash rate, pH and apparent density).

The results of the adsorption of phenol on the two synthetic and commercial active carbon show that the adsorbed amount obtained for the two types of carbon is almost identical. Kinetic model allowed us to show that the pseudo second order model is the most representative.

The adsorption isotherms are of type L and they are well adjusted by the Freundlich model with correlation coefficients of 90%.

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