Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from domestic wastewater in arid regions by a filter planted with Typha latifolia

N. Guerrouf, N. Seghairi


Abstract: Our study focuses on the application of a simple, effective and less expensive treatment method for the retention of nitrogen and phosphorus from domestic wastewater. For these reasons, we have chosen treatment with a filter planted with Typha latifolia. The objective of this study is to evaluate the performance of Typha latifolia in treating nitrogen and phosphorus present in domestic wastewater in an arid climate.

In order to evaluate their purifying power, a series of water analyses, before and after plant irrigation, were carried out in the laboratory. The results obtained indicate that, during the residence time, the pH decreases and the electrical conductivity increases sharply. It was also found that the average absorption percentage was 96.91% and 97.72% respectively for phosphate and ammonium in the planted filter. All these results confirm the efficiency of using macrophytes in wastewater treatment.

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