Fixed-bed adsorption dynamics of methylene blue from aqueous solution using alginate-activated carbon composites adsorbents

A. Boucherdoud, D.E. Kherroub, B. Bestani, N. Benderdouche, O. Douinat


Abstract: this study reports on the preparation of synthesis and use of new composite materials based on activated carbon (Ac) and biopolymer Alginate (Algn) for use in the treatment of wastewater loaded with organic pollutants such as blue methylene. Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Scanning electron microscopy and Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (MEB-EDX) and zero charge point (pHZPC) first characterized the composite adsorbents. The performance of the synthesized adsorbent composites are tested their adsorption capacity of methylene blue on continuous mode in a column with fixed bed, the effect of the different parameters on the breakthrough curve was studied, such as initial dye concentration, bed height and flow rate. The results show that the maximum adsorption capacity of blue methylene increased as a function of the initial concentration and the flow rate, a maximum adsorption capacity of 51.75 mg g-1 obtain for an initial concentration of 300 mg L-1and flow rate of 6 mL min-1. The saturation time increased with the height of the bed, a minimum saturation time is 280 min, obtained with a flow rate of 6 mL min-1 and a bed height of 10 cm. The experimental results are well described by bed depth service time model (BDST), Thomas, Yoon-Nelson and Adams-Bohart models giving a correlation coefficient R2 between 0.95 and 0.99.

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