The effect of EDTA on the adsorption efficiency of xanthate KEX on pyrite

L. Salmi, Z. Nedjar


Abstract: In flotation process of the mineral recovery operation, the adsorption of Xanthate (KEX)(potassium ethyl xanthate) on copper activated pyrite, is affected by oxides,and hydroxides present on the surface of mineral sulfide. In order to increase the adsorption efficiency of Xanthate (KEX) on pyrite, a complexing agent EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra acetic) was used. FTIR, SEM, X-Rays diffraction and EDAX technics were used to investigate the effect of EDTA (10-1 M). The experimental work was carried out in a pH value of 5.5, Xanthate (KEX) concentration of 10-1 M and the pyrite sample was activated with CuSO4, 10-3 M. The tests was realized with EDTA and without EDTA, the comparison between the results indicated that EDTA helped in extracting oxides an hydroxides from the mineral surface hence improving the efficiency of adsorption. 

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