Synthesis and characterization of nano-magnetic material based on (carbon nanotubes / nickel ferrite): Application for the removal of methyl orange dye from contaminated water

K. Seffah, N. Bensacia, A. Skender, E. Flahaut, A. Hadj-ziane-zafour


Abstract: This work aims the synthesis of (DWNTCs / NiFe2O4) by refluxing process. Herein, the synthesized adsorbent was characterized via Fourrier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray diffraction (DRX), BET, zeta potential and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), where the adsorption of methyl orange on (DWNTCs / NiFe2O4) has been carried out by studying the adsorption kinetics, pH, mass and the initial concentration. The results indicated that the maximum adsorption rate is 7.77 mg.g-1 at pH 5 with 100 mg of (DWNTCs / NiFe2O4), and an initial orange methyl concentration of 10 mg.l-1. In addition, the adsorption process describes a second-order kinetic model, where the modeling of adsorption isotherms showed that the Freundlich one seem to be the adequat model describing the adsorption process with R2 = 0.97.

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