Adsorption of phenol from aqueous solution on to Luffa Cylindrica Cords: equilibrium, kinetic, and thermodynamic study

Y. Laidani, G. Henini, S. Hanini, A. Fekaouni


The results obtained show that Luffa cylindrica cords / phenol have an adsorption capacity (qm=2.54 mg/g). The adsorption process was rapid and reached equilibrium in 25 min of contact at 23 °C and pH 8.5. The different adsorption models Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin and Elovich were used for the mathematical description of the adsorption equilibrium, and it was found that the very well - equipped experimental data for the Langmuir model (R2=0.994), the pseudo - first - order and pseudo - second - order kinetic models were applied to the experimental data. The experimental data fitted very well the pseudo-second-order kinetic model (R2= 0.999) and also followed the model of intra particle diffusion (Kdif vary from 0.125 to 0.374 mg/g.min1/2 for concentrations between 10 and 100 mg/L), whereas diffusion is not the only rate - control step. Finally the thermodynamic constants of adsorption phenomena, ∆H° and ∆S° were found to be -6.219 kJ/mol and -0.019 kJ/mol.K in the range of 3 – 23 °C respectively. The negative value of the Gibbs free energy ∆G° demonstrates the spontaneous nature of phenol adsorption onto Luffa cylindrica cords.

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