Characterization and treatment of leachates from three Technical Landfills Centers in Algeria by the electrocoagulation and the electro-Fenton process

Y. Medkour, R. Kerbachi, F. Boumechhour, S. Khenchelaoui, R. Djettene, A. Teffahi


The objective of this study was to characterization and COD removal of leachates from three Technical Landfills Centers in east of Algeria. The leachate was collected from KHELIL, BBA, and HAMICI landfill site and treated by electrocoagulation and electro-Fenton process. The characterization study of leachates showed that the latter have a high organic, mineral (high chemical oxygen demand) and nitrogen load. The measured Chemical oxygen demand reaches very high values, with an average of about 4624; 7666 and 25041 mg O2/l for the leachate of BBA, KHELIL and HAMICI respectively. The effect of various parameters including current density, pH, stirring speed, the inter-electrode distance and H2O2 dosage were studied. The findings, in this study show that the removal efficiencies of Chemical oxygen demand by electrocoagulation treatment were respectively 75%, 93%, 57% and 71.7%, 83%, 78.3% by Electro-Fenton treatment for the landfill centers of KHELIL, BBA and HAMICI respectively. The maximum COD removal was obtained at pH = 5.5 and pH = 3 for the Electrocoagulation and Electro-Fenton process respectively. The inter-electrode distance and the current intensity were 1.7 cm and 2.3 A (742 A/m2) for the two process.

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