Effect of the addition of colored and not-colored glass waste on the mechanical performance of concrete

T. Ben Chabane, O. Fedaoui-Akmoussi, F. Taouche-Kheloui, T. Djadoun, K. Ait tahar


Waste recycling contributes topreservation of conventional natural aggregates, reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The recovery of wasteglass reduces storage volumes and allows the conservation of landfill spaces. The use of waste glass in the form of powders and aggregates ensures the lightening of building elements, better economic development and the promotion of new field materials.

The aim of this experimental study is to recover waste glass by incorporating them by partial substitution in concrete in order to reduce the cement and sandquantities. Two types of waste glass were used: colored and not-colored glass from the bottles which are widespread in nature. The rates of 0%; 5%; 10% and 15% were used to replace cement and sand. The mechanical strengths were performed at 28 and 365 days. The results obtained confirm that the use of this type of waste at precise rates increases the compressive strength of concrete. Indeed, the finely ground glass powder improves long-term mechanical behavior of concrete due to its interesting pozzolanic effect.

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