Quality Study of biodiesel produced from Ricinus communis L. (Kharouaa) in southwest Algeria

A. Boulal, M. Khelafi, A. Djaber


Castor oil plant (Ricinus communis L.), as a non-comestible energy harvest, it can be utilized for different biofuels preparation. Extracted castor oil was utilized for biodiesel (BD) preparation by transesterification method, whereas the castor plant remains, including stalk, seed cake, and leaves, were used for ethanol and biogas preparation. Operating setting effects, like methanol to castor oil plant ratio, temperature, and reaction time on BD income production were examined. The best BD yield reached 91% at oil molar ratio 9:1 methanol to castor oil mass ratio obtained at 60°C during 60min. This yield corresponded To 910g BD per kg castor plant oil. According to tracking the distillation process of the obtained BD it is positive and it is located between light and heavy diesel, Also, the latter (BD) is not harmful to the environment.

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