Feasibility analysis a hybrid system PV/Wind Turbine/Battery assisted by a diesel generator in southwest of Algeria

S. Bediar, A. Harrouz, D. Belatrache


Hybrid energy technology can efficiently cope with the energy needed in rural farming areas. The present paper provides a simulation for Photovoltaic’s panel/ Wind Turbine/battery assisted by a diesel generator for alimentation a farm and irrigation it in Adrar city. This case study is an agricultural land consisting of three houses. An evaluation analysis was carried out to assess the performance of the hybrid system to meet the electrical requirements without resorting to the grid. The best configuration of Integrated clean and sustainable energy systems with minimum gross net present costs and energy cost levelization (is a mix of 22400 W Photovoltaics energy, 13700 W converter, 17000 W diesel engine with 43 batteries (12 V, 200 Ah). The performance of Photovoltaic system and diesel engine are 91.8 % and 8.2%, respectively. The results show that the maximal energy consumption in the month of July with 14.25 kW, and the minimal in the month of November with 5.01 kW. Also, the simulation results show that the proportion of the Photovoltaic generator’s average power output to the system's average load is 91.8 percent at the site, so the site is highly suitable for the operation of a system for power generation without a grid. The findings suggest that the Net Present Cost (NPC) and the levelized cost of energy (COE) of the optimum Integrated Renewable Energy System (IRES) are 91 183.16 € and 0.303 € per kWh, respectively.

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