Ambient Temperature Effect on the Performance of Gas Turbine in the Combined Cycle Power Plant

D. Talah, H. Bentarzi


Recently, combined-cycle power plant systems are the most efficient concept used for generating electricity. The advanced closed loop steam cooling system which involves the gas turbine and steam turbine cycles has produced one of the most environmentally adequate existing power generation systems. Gas turbines (GTs) were developed quickly and used in many applications especially in combined cycle power plants, due to their higher efficiency and lower emissions in carbon dioxide (CO2), compared to other categories such as diesel engines. Therefore, increasing attention in the study of heavy-duty gas turbines (HDGT) models has been acquired with diverse amounts of difficulty and merit. Thus, modeling and simulation of the HDGT behavior under accurate operating conditions play a significant role for efficient design as well as reliable manufacturing practice. Thus, the improvements of their efficiency will significantly reduce (CO2) emissions.This paper focuses on the impact of ambient temperature on the gas turbine performance in the combined cycle power plant. The study presents modeling and analysis of the gas turbine behavior based on the frequency dependent model (FD model), using Matlab/Simulink. In our approach, simple time delays are integrated to the FD model, taking into consideration the effectiveness and accuracy of the model. This is achieved by a complementary analysis study, of the temperature effect on the efficiency of the gas turbine (GT), and then the combined cycle power plant. 

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