Hydrodynamic Characteristics of the “Complex Terminal” aquifer in the Region of Oued Righ North (Algerian Sahara).

A. Hammadi, N. Brinis, M. Djidel


Accessibility of fresh water, the nature's gift wheels the foremost part of the world economy. The sufficient supplies of water are essential for agriculture, human intake, industry as well as regeneration. The Oued Righ region is located in Algeria's South-East, specifically in the North-East of the Sahara, on the Northern edge of the Grand Erg Oriental and the Southern border of the Aures massif. This area appears as a lower Sahara synclinal basin and is part of a broad North-South trending ditch.

It is famous for its date palms, the development of the date culture in this region is attributed not only to the population’s efforts, but above all to the particular climatic conditions, the favorable soil characteristics and the existence of significant groundwater. The aim of this study is to understand the results obtained from using different approaches of water   hydrodynamics in   the Complex Terminal aquifer. The aquifer’s hydrodynamic characterization was carried out using hydrodynamic parameters and piezometry. As a result, the transmissivity and permeability obtained data using traditional Cooper-Jacob method showed that the flow capacities of the aquifer environment and the productivities of the structures are important in the studied zone where, the highest value of transmissivity equal 2.36× 102-m2/s is found in the central part of the study area in El-Meghair. The establishment of piezometric maps reveals a flow direction oriented toward the chott.

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