Elaboration of new spherical gelled biocomposites based on ferromagnetic nanoparticles and Al-pillared montmorillonite

A. Hattali, O. Bouras, S. Hanini


The main objective of this present work is to develop a new generation of sorbent supports in the form of gelled and hydrophobic magnetic beads based on aluminum-pillared montmorillonite, sodium alginate and magnetic nanoparticles.

The first step was to prepare the aluminum-pillared montmorillonite as well as the ferrofluid (FF) as a magnetic material. The ferrofluid composed of maghemite nanoparticles (γ-Fe2O3) coated with citrate ions, was characterized by the XRD, SEM, FTIR and VSM methods.

The prepared wet biocomposites beads were used in the sorption in a batch system of methyl green (MG). The effects of pH and initial pollutant concentration on the MG removal were investigated. For all the classes of beads prepared, the kinetic study showed that it is the pseudo-first-order model which best describes the behavior of MG towards the sorbent beads.  The modeling of sorption isotherms  showed that the Sips model gives more satisfactory results than those of Freundlich and Langmuir.

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