Enhance Wear resistance of A2024-T4 Aluminum alloy after Conventional Anodizing

N. Tekkouk, M. Arbaoui, S. Abdi, A. Rezzoug


Abstract: Allowing reducing CO2 emission in automotive industry, design engineers gradually replacing steel and grey iron by aluminum alloys due to its low density. The aim of the present paper is to investigate the effect of anodic layer on friction coefficient (COF) and wear resistance of 2024A anodized aluminum alloy by using different techniques of analysis such as Tribometer and Micro-scratch tester. The derived laws from the friction theory shows that as the sliding speed increases are the wear resistance decreases. However, during our experiences, we have observed that this is not true for all increasing speed values.  The tests are carried out at different loads conditions and at different sliding speed and hardness, wear rate and COF have been measured after and before anodizing process, metallurgical characterization was assessed using SEM microscope and XRD analysis.

The results show when speed reaches the value of u=0.4m/s the wear mechanism is transformed from the severe regime to mild regime, which is considered as a significant reduction in wear rate and COF at this transition speed.

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