Investigation of hydrodynamic behavior of the moving bed biofilm reactor packed with Kaldnes K1

M. Bouteraa, R. Zamouche-Zerdazi, M. Bencheikh Lehocine, A.H. Meniai


Abstract: The research study below aims to characterize the hydrodynamics of a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor filled with Kaldnes K1. Firstly, find the type of reactor (stirrer or piston) and finally set the operating conditions for carrying out the biological denitrification in an MBBR reactor.

The hydrodynamics were determined by means of pulse tracer tests and by calculating distribution curves of the residence time at different stirring speeds (100 - 300 rpm), for different support infill (0 - 165.2 g ) and at different influent feed rates (0.1 - 2 L.h-1).

The moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) showed rector behavior, it is a perfectly stirred reactor, and the optimaloperating conditions are for stirring speeds of 100 rpm, quantities of support of 165.2 gand afeed rate 0.816 L h-1.

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