Control of Air quality in Oran City, ALGERIA

A. Mansouri, F. Lebsir, A. Hamou


Abstract: Air pollution is a problem which takes more and more importance in many cities in the world.

Air pollution impacts human health, it contains pollutants like tiny airborne particles, which can be a trigger for a respiratory disease like asthma for example. According to world health organization nine out of ten people now breathe polluted air.

Several factors influence this phenomenon, the most important of which are: weather conditions, and urban activities, especially cars traffic.

The main Experimental objective of this study is the effect of pollutants NOx and CO on the air quality in the city of Oran resulting from emissions, issues of cars and from certain factories.

Also this study joins mainly in an approach of apprehension of the air quality, by determining the rate of pollution caused by the traffic in various points of the city of Oran. The data on the atmospheric pollution often require a meteorological interpretation.

Two meteorological parameters are of a first importance in the control of the level of pollution in the city.

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