Preparation and characterization of PVC/Aliqat-336 microspheres for chromium (VI) removal

L. Ouazine, S. Bey, M. Benamor


Abstract: PVC microspheres included with Aliquat-336 as extractant were prepared by phase inversion method. Theirs morphology and structure was determined by scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) and BET analysis. SEM images show an asymmetric structure and different morphologies, obtained by varying the concentration of the polymer. The prepared microspheres were used as adsorbent to the removal of Cr(VI) from an aqueous solution. Various parameters were studied like, the extractant dosage, the microspheres dosage, the agitation speed and the aqueous solution pH. The prepared microspheres were able to remove chromium from aqueous solution and had a maximum adsorption capacity qm more than 35mg/g.

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