Synthesis of Ni/bentonite catalysts and its application for transesterification of sunflower oil into biodiesel

A. Boucheta, R. Bared, S. Kacimi


Biodiesel has been produced by the transesterification of sunflower oil with ethanol in the presence of a bentonite obtained from Maghnia (western Algeria) as heterogeneous catalyst, used as such and doped with nickel (III), at a mass ratio of metal/bentonite of 0.0625. The effect of reaction time (min) and catalyst type was studied. The conversion values in these catalytic systems were compared with the ones in the presence of NaOH. NaOH had the highest catalytic activity under the optimized reaction conditions. The maximum sunflower oil conversion of 92.94 % was obtained with homogeneous NaOH catalyst (1.5 %), at a reaction time 2 h and temperature of 70 °C. The conversion rates obtained on Ni/B and B were, respectively, of 91.01% and 18,37%, the same order concerning the initials reactions rates was found

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