Power Management of Hybrid System (PEMFC/PV/ Lithium-ion Batteries) Using State flow

Y. Hanafi, K. Mammar


Abstract: For this article, we propose a power management controller for a hybrid system; the study of the model proposed includes a fuel cell, a PV, a lithium-ion battery, and a catalyst to produce Hydrogen. Furthermore, the control system of the active power uses the Stateflow approach. This study gives an easy scheme of the power management controller and a practical code to implement the target hardware. The state flow controller is used to equalize the energy flow inter the system's elements. At first, to simulate these elements, MATLAB Simulink software is used, then all modes of operation of this controller using Stateflow are detailed. This paper showed that the management of the power source flow could use the Stateflow approach as an efficient alternative means.

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